Fic: Dance with me tonight JuddJones

This fic is based on something that myself and @Together_Apart saw today. We went to Blackpool and saw an elderly m/m dancing couple. They have a wee place in my heart, and I gave them a back story. I also adapted said back story. Here it is…

Dance with me?Collapse )

It had been 6  years since she left me, took my dogs and all the plastic surgery I paid for to keep her looking like a pert 25 not a saggy 56 year old women with more plastic in her than I have in my wallet. She had been by my side for the long years, the hard times. She had been a friend, my lover and nearly my wife for over 30 years, and how did she repay me? She ran off with the personally trainer that I hired to keep her wobbly arse in place, I paid him £300 a week to fuck my girlfriend. He was only 23, said he made her feel like a young woman again, didn’t want to be dealing with my greying receding hairline, my saggy arse, my prostrate problems that means I need to get up and pee twice in the night. She was there through the retirement, the end of the band and the distance that seems to build between us all. But no, I dealt with her saggy arse, her £500 a week beauty regime, the endless make up, the flirting with other men and women. I put up with her affair because I loved her, no matter how much the silicon content now overtook the human outside.

But deep down under the botox and missing frown lines, she always knew I was in love with Harry. Always had and always will.

And as I sit, surrounded by my new dogs Boni, Victor and Jenny, my phone beeps from across the room and a name I have no seen in a very long time, a flickering feeling of long missed happiness and familiarity fluttered in my chest, I worried my heart would burst from happiness before I had the chance to get across the room and press the green answer button.

Tripping over Boni, and jumping over Jenny hurdle style before she could even start barking at the ringing device, my hand hovered. My breathing ticking, I pressed accept and waited for his voice, gruff from still smoking 20 a day.


Two simple letters compacted with such emotion, I knew it wasn’t good, maybe something had finally happened to Tom. Oh god I bet the collective of cats finally got him. Always told him anything more than 5 was ridicules but 16 was suicide.

“Harry, it’s been too long…”

“She’s dead. I woke up this morning, and she was on the sofa. She was cold Danny…  dead since the early hours”

By the end of the sentence, he sounded happier. Like a soul set free.

“I’m sorry…”

“It’s ok, you knew better than I do, our marriage was nothing more than a sham. We stayed together for the sake of the kids.” He sighed, I could almost see him sat there in the living room in his big leather chair, his head in his hand, his elbow on his thigh. Hand twiddling through his peppered hair, guilt ridden at the pact we had made many years ago. 


2011: Backstage at the final of Strictly Come Dancing

“I’m so nervous” you whispered in my ear, you hand trembling on my cheek, tears brimming in the corner of your beautiful blue eyes.

“This is the final, whether you will the glitterball or not. You are still a winner to me”

I kissed you gently on the lips, feeling your lips curve into a smile. Stepping back I look at you once more, the sharp black shirt, and ab hugging purple waist coat. You couldn’t have looked more of a winner if you tried.

“I love you”

The first time I’d heard you say those words and look at me at the same time. I stumbled across the words to say it back just as you were called back to the ballroom.

“And I love you”

You looked back at me with a grin, stepping out onto the floor and winning that shiny trophy, with me and the guys sat there watching you so very proudly. 


After you won, your front of a girlfriend proposed, and you could hardly say no. Could you?


2019: The Christening of Tom and Giovanna’s first child Adalina

You cornered me at the party, finally a moment alone when I had given up all hope.

“I still love you” you whispered brushing my hair behind my ears.

“And I still feel the same” I shut my eyes and wished it were simpler, that you hadn’t been married for over 5 years  and that I hadn’t heard Izzy telling Gi about your own bundle of joy due in the next few months.

“I can’t be with you, you know why.”

I sighed, I did indeed “I know I know. What can we do?”

He stood even closer, his hot breath tickling my ear “How about…when Izzy is gone…and Georgia is too, we be us. Forget about the façade, be in love without hurting either of them. It’s not their fault this has gone on too long.”

I could only nod, it was a long shot.

“When they are both…gone, we’ll meet where we first said those three special words.”

I nodded, what more could I have done? You stood in front of me, and checked for anyone watching, and graced my cheek with your lips. It felt like they had never been there in the first place after you’d gone, that those love filled words were hollow like my life would become.


Present day: 24th November 2042 Blackpool Tower Ballroom

I walked in shyly, not wanting to draw attention to myself. But as soon as I saw you, stood there in the middle of the wooden panelled floor surrounded by a glow from the stage behind, all bets were off.

As soon as my foot stepped onto the patterned floor, you put up your hand to stop me. You turned around slowly and gave a nod. As if from nowhere the Wurlitzer appeared from under the stage, rising up in all its glory behind you, it started to play a slow melody as you hand reached out to beckon mine.

“Dance with me Danny?”

I grinned a goofy smile, and practically ran into your arms, holding you so tightly like this may all be a dream, a fantasy of my mind. You led me around the dance floor with all the elegance and grace from all those years ago. In 30 years you hadn’t lost your looks, your beautifully toned body and smile. I let you hold me in your arms and dance me around the floor, I didn’t care that you led, as long as this was real I didn’t care at all.

“I still love you” I whispered as the music slowed to a stop, as I clung to your chest feeling your heart beat against it, my cheek resting on your shoulder taking in the intoxicating smell.

“And I never stopped loving you back. Let’s stay like this forever” he looked straight at me, the age lines around his eye never detracting for how brightly the blue sparkled beneath “Or until they kick us out”

I nodded as music started once more, and I felt myself flitting off around the ballroom. The centre of attention once again, but no millions eyes watching, no girls screening, no cameras, no glitterballs. Just you, and I. Forever.

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Stop The Tears [Graphic McFly Slash] Parts 2 & 3
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Title: Stop The Tears
Slash/Het? Slash  
Pairing: JuddJones
Warnings: Graphic yes plz
Disclaimer: As much as I'd like to I don't own them and keep um as pets, but I do own any characters that I have made up myself Smiley
Rating: 18
Dedications To my one true love Laura Kiss
Author’s notes: It is a bit AU as they still live in the house and Dougie’s not a transsexual called Martha, Tom’s not a Greek sex god, Harry’s not a virgin and Danny is thick as two short planks, but that is why we love him...

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Stop The Tears - McFly slash
Me - Heart
Title: Stop The Tears
Slash/Het? Slash  
Pairing: JuddJones
Warnings: Graphic yes plz and swearing
Disclaimer: As much as I'd like to I don't own them, but I do own any characters that I have made up myself so woot Smiley
Rating: 18
Dedications To my one true love lawrahhh Kiss 
BETA: lawrahhh
Prologue and Part 1
Author’s notes: It is a bit AU as they still live in the house and Dougie’s not a transsexual called Martha, Tom’s not a Greek sex god, Harry’s not a virgin and Danny is thick as two short planks BUT we love him

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Urm...well I suppose I should really do a hello post considering some of you will have just seen that fic post and thought WTF?

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I've Got Mentals Now - Standlaone Busted Slash
Me - Heart

Written by vainasyoulike
STANDALONE SLASH Possibly a bit graphic *thinks*
Disclaimer Don't own James, Don't own Matt (wish I did) BUT I OWN THIS

Rating: PGish for spanking teehee


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