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I've Got Mentals Now - Standlaone Busted Slash
Me - Heart

Written by vainasyoulike
STANDALONE SLASH Possibly a bit graphic *thinks*
Disclaimer Don't own James, Don't own Matt (wish I did) BUT I OWN THIS

Rating: PGish for spanking teehee

He didn’t look up from the TV, even when he heard the gentle cough come from behind him.
“what do you want James?” not lifting his gaze once, yet he still knew that stood behind him was the only love of his life.
“I’ve been a naughty boy” came the low reply, driven through a husky tone, hoping he had the correct effect
“what you done now?”
When he had still yet to turn around, James grew impatient trying to think of something to say quickly “urm…I…crashed your car”
“Jim…you’ve been upstairs for the past hour”
Thinking yet again, trying to provoke a reaction, regrettably he knew that there was only one thing to say “I was packing…I’m leaving you for Danny”
Sighing Matt began turning is head muttering as he went “I’m sure Harry would be happy to shar…” stood there behind him, the love of his life had never looked more…different. Stood there, a coy look on his features, an impish smile plastered across his face, James giggled as Matt took in the outfit he was wearing. A white nurses uniform, female may I add and that was cut so high you could actually see that he was wearing nothing but a thong underneath. White stockings adorned his legs and a small hat sat on top of his fluffed up hair.

“call me Nurse Bourne” he fluttered his eyelashes before meandering his round the sofa, standing directly in front of the screen. Bending from his waist exposing the bare white flesh of his arse, directly in Matt’s eye line, wiggling it in his face. Turning round James found a still dumb struck Matt starring at the space his exposed arse had been just seconds before, which meant he was starring at his…package. “now Mr Willis. I’ve been a very naughty nurse. What are you gonna do about it”
“urm…” Matt couldn’t find the words as James swaggered over to him, sliding down the arm of the sofa, sitting attentively on Matt’s lap, giggling as his felt Matt’s erection digging into his thigh.
“I think I need to be spanked don’t you Mr Willis?” biting down gentle on his lower lip before positioning himself so he was face down on Matt’s lap erection digging into erection.
“James what are you…”
“shush, it’s nurse Bourne” giggled James, the vibrations passing through both of their bodies
“fine…nurse Bourne…god this is weird…why?”
“Matt, play along and spank me damnit”
Cringing at the tone his beloved James was using, he raised his hand and shut his eyes as the skin connected with skin, making that rippling noise resound through the warm air
Turning his head with a pout looking up at Matt’s brown eyes edged in confusing he muttered with a scowl “is that the best you can do…pretend you just caught me…shagging Dougie or something”
Raising his eyebrow at the blonde on his lap he muttered “your mad not insane”

Rolling his eyes and raising his hand again, this time striking harder, a ripple passed through the air as a sickening squeal rose up from James, wincing noticeably as a hand mark started to appear where he’d struck him.
“James why are you doing this?”
Turning his head, blinking back the tears laying in his eyes, threatening to fall at any second “I just wanted to spice things up…I feel like you’ve gone off me”
“so you want me to spank you till you bleed because you think it will help?”
Matt’s eyes welled up as James nodded “I thought you’d gone off me…it’s been nearly 2 weeks”
“James…I got kicked in the balls…it hurts just looking at you half the time…that’s why we haven’t…but you know…we could now” finishing with his trade mark wink, Matt began laughing. He’d never seen anyone move that fast before, let alone in a nurses uniform with a red bum cheek.
Pulling himself to his feet with a small groan, Matt just hoped James had been eating his fruit this week.

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Ahh the good ol' days eh?

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