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Stop The Tears - McFly slash
Me - Heart
Title: Stop The Tears
Slash/Het? Slash  
Pairing: JuddJones
Warnings: Graphic yes plz and swearing
Disclaimer: As much as I'd like to I don't own them, but I do own any characters that I have made up myself so woot Smiley
Rating: 18
Dedications To my one true love lawrahhh Kiss 
BETA: lawrahhh
Prologue and Part 1
Author’s notes: It is a bit AU as they still live in the house and Dougie’s not a transsexual called Martha, Tom’s not a Greek sex god, Harry’s not a virgin and Danny is thick as two short planks BUT we love him

He leaned back against the wall, his brown hair ruffling against the brick work, his head bobbing with each laboured breath. Each gasp of breath he uttered left a small vapour trail in the air around, the cold night air nipping at his exposed thighs. Cold hands slipped up his hairy legs tugging at the bottom of the blue cotton boxers down over knobbly knees towards a tattoo adorned ankle. An eager tongue flicking at the head of his dripping cock, lapping up the pre come with swift movements of a moist tongue.  
Tilting his head back against the wall, palms flat against the brick work steadying himself as his lovers head bobbed up and down taking his pulsating member deeper into their warm mouth, the moans building vibrations, sending waves of desire through Danny’s aching body. His hips thrusting forward forcing his kneeling lover to take more of his throbbing erection in their mouth.  
Biting down on his bottom lip, his eyes rolling back in his head he grunted as he felt his balls tighten, firing creamy fluid down his lover’s throat. His breathing so heavy his chest hurt but the pleasure over rode the pain as the orgasm ripped through his body.  
His lover climbed up from the cold tarmac, wiping away the cum dribbling down their chin while Danny re-dressed himself. With a cheeky glance and one quick movement their lips met in a flourish of frenzied urgency, tongues battling for dominance, lips bashing together with force enough to bruise. Danny picked up his lovers hand from their side and with a glint in his eye dragged them back to his car and back to their hotel room for the night, knowing that all he needed now was a good hard fuck. 

Part 1
The front door slammed back on it’s hinges, hitting the wall behind it and breaking the mirror that once held it’s place by the coat stand with pride, but now lay shattered on the floor as heavy footsteps thundered up the stairs only to be met with another loud bang sending the last few shards of reflective beauty down onto the hard wood floor.
Downstairs his 3 band mates exchanged worried glances, wondering who should go up there and find out what was wrong, from the way he stormed in he must have broken it off with his girlfriend Ashley either that or they’d had their first fight.
“I’ll go” Harry rose to his feet, in reality his worry went a lot further than just friends, his concern ran as deep as a crush, maybe even love. All he knew was he’d been having feelings for his best friend and they weren’t ones of friendship. They scared him if he was honest, he didn’t know what to do or where to turn to. He couldn’t tell Danny, he was straight and the notion of telling the other two was beyond ridicules.  
He sat on the edge of the bed, tears slowly dripping down his face, cutting patterns across his skin. The colour gone from his flesh, his eyes red and sore from the crying. He couldn’t believe how he’d been dumped, stood up in a restaurant and then 2 hours later while on the way home getting a text message with the words “It’s over” flashing in his face.
“Danny?” his name disrupted the staring, making his gaze shift to his band mates head just poking around the door.
“Can I come in mate?” a small half smile graced Harry’s face, his eyes speaking a thousand words of pity that his lips could never manage.
“If I say no you’ll do it anyway”
With a brief nod of his head Danny drew his knees up into his chest, Harry pushed the door open and navigated across the piles of crap littering the floor. Pausing by the bed to gaze down upon his band mate he carefully seated himself next to Danny on the bed.
“It's funny how someone can break your heart....but you can still love them with all the tiny little pieces”
Resting one hand on Danny’s shoulder in a sympathetic way he whispered “Ashley and you broke it off then?”
“Yeah, we were supposed to go out for dinner tonight, you know 6 months together and that, so I’m sat in the restaurant and he sends me a text saying it’s over…that’s all just those two words”
They both realised at the exact same time what Danny had just said, was it a Freudian slip or had he actually meant to say that his partner was indeed male.
“Please don’t hate me” his voice sounded so small, barely above a whisper and full of fear, his body tensed preparing for anything that Harry could throw at him, be it verbal or a fist.
“Why didn’t you tell us?”
“I didn’t want anything to change. I knew if I told any of you I’d be treated differently. I mean you’ve seen how homophobic Tom can be?” turning his head he looked at Harry with red rimmed eyes “please say you don’t hate me”
Harry’s heart jumped in his chest, swelling with hope that his 3 year long crush might be reciprocated finally. Opening his arms wide he pulled Danny close to his chest feeling the tears drip in their warm paths down his front, he could feel Danny’s heart pounding in his chest as he cried.
“I could never hate you” pausing slightly and lowering his voice “It’d be hypocritical of me”
“Every time I make a plan, God laughs at me. I swear it he does and…hang on” Danny pulls away from his ramble, pulling out of the warm and comforting confines of Harry’s chest and looks the blue eyed drummer square in the eye “hypocritical?”

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Something about that was really ... cute ^__^
I love JuddJones <3

Thank you
I do have more, I should post it up...infact I will, check back tomorrow sometime and I'll have more up

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